Workshop for Prayer Leaders: The Sacred Secrets and Holy Sparks of Shabbat

A Service leader workshop for anyone post b’nei mitzvah and up
with Cantor Elizabeth Sternlieb

Do you ever find yourself humming Shabbat or temple tunes in the shower or singing service melodies when you are out and about? Perhaps you spend time googling commentary on the Torah portion of the week? When you are with us for services do you look forward to familiar tunes and singing along? Maybe you have thought you might like to find deeper meaning connected to the liturgy in our prayer book? If this sounds like you or you are intrigued by any of the above please join me on Sundays February 3rd and 10th (from 9-10am). This workshop is for singers and non-singers alike.  I am offering a two session service leader group workshop for congregants who want to learn more about how we design a Shabbat service. We will share favorite melodies Mi Sinai (from Sinai) to the present. We will create opportunities to learn how to lead or co-lead and organize a meaningful prayer service here at Temple Beth El and for those who are comfortable we will calendar in dates to lead a Shabbat service for our community. 

Date and Time: 
Repeats every week every Sunday 2 times.
Sunday, February 3, 2019 - 9:00am
Sunday, February 10, 2019 - 9:00am
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