Tikkun Leil Shavuot

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Rabbi Norman Cohen: “Exodus 15: The Song at the Sea: Women and Men Finding their own Voices in Torah.”

Just as the rabbis of old found personal meaning in their lives by interpreting the Bible through the prism of Midrash..the florid world of rabbinic interpretation, so, too, can we find meaning in our lives by imbibing the power of the words of Torah.

The jubilant song the Israelites sang after the exodus from Egypt is perhaps the most famous song in the Jewish tradition. It entails both the songs of Moses and Miriam marking the journey from Egypt, Mitzraim, from the narrow places of our lives, places of pain and suffering, to a place of wholeness, redemption. 

As we look at the songs of Moses and Miriam through the prism of Midrash, we will discuss the differences between men and women as we all approach the challenge of repairing our world…of articulating what is demanded of us as Jews and as human beings. And then...perhaps to realize that the voices of men and women, though often quite different, are both crucial.


Rabbi Jonathan Jaffe: The Book of Ruth as Inner Biblical Commentary on the Status of the Stranger

The Torah presents conflicting narratives in Deuteronomy’s prohibitions of consorting with the Moabites and the book of Ruth’s embrace of Ruth as Boaz’s wife.  We will discuss how the original form of biblical commentary and criticism may be found in the text itself and the multiple voices found within it.  No previous knowledge of the book of Ruth necessary.


Rabbi Joshua Strom: "My Brother's Keeper: A Deeper Exploration of Cain and Abel"

Cain and Abel, the first human-born children in the entirety of Torah, are also the perpetrator and victim of the world's first fratricide. What does our tradition say about why it happened? How did their birth order and occupation contribute? Was it murder or manslaughter? And what ultimately are we to learn? Join Rabbi Strom for an exploration of the legacy of Cain and Abel, and how their story continues to resonate today.


Rabbi Jason Nevarez: TEN Great Texts from our Oral and Biblical Tradition

The Torah provides us both narrative and instruction, further serving as anthems and mandates throughout our Jewish civilization. Our rabbinic teachings provide a deeper, layered context unto our sacred teachings, consistently lending itself to debate and interpretation. Join Rabbi Nevarez as we uncover 10 great [timeless] texts from our written and oral traditions that inspire us to think deep, and reimagine Jewish life for us today. 

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Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:15pm
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