Membership Renewal

We have had another great year at Temple Beth El. We continue to see growth in our membership, Beginning Years is again fully enrolled, Religious School retention remains high, and Adult Education is expanding. As we prepare for the coming year, we ask for your continued support.  A temple community is made up of those families and individuals who value its mission. We couldn't do it without you!

As you renew your membership, you will notice that we will not be asking you to pledge above your membership dues at this time. Through discussions with leadership, clergy and congregants, we have concluded that we must grow fundraising so that we will be able to best serve our community, address our financial needs, and encourage participation from the entire congregation. This fall, we will launch a formal Annual Fund to raise funds to support our larger vision. We hope that you will choose to support the Annual Fund, as these funds will help us to continue to provide dues relief, support clergy and worship, and strengthen programming. To learn more about this exciting strategic change please see the attached infographic, and to learn more about Temple Beth El's new Annual Fund, please click here.

At this time we are asking that all members pledge the Sustaining Amount of $3485. Your membership pledge provides the revenue to deliver a wide array of programming and support services for our congregants, to compensate our clergy and staff, and fund our facility.  In addition, all families will be assessed a $195 Security Fee.  This added Security Fee helps defray the cost of the security guard and other security measures we have put into place. The safety of our community, especially our youngest members, is always our priority. To learn more about Temple Beth El's finances, please click here.

Temple Beth El continues its long-standing tradition of having a flexible dues plan, which ensures that every family can participate as a full member regardless of what they pay in dues. We are a partnership among members who support each other and the larger community. No one will be turned away from our temple community based on what they pay. Please contact Gennifer Kelly at (914) 238-3928 x1321 if you would like to discuss alternative pledge options.

Thank you for making Temple Beth El a priority in your life.  You are certainly a priority for us, and we welcome your input as to how we can better serve you, and how we can further deepen the relationships within our congregational community. Please contact me, a member of the clergy, or our Executive Director at any time.

Click here to renew your membership today!


Best wishes for a wonderful summer.

Richard F. Albert,

Temple Beth El President