Annual Fund


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The goal of Temple Beth El’s Annual Fund is to support both our operating budget and our larger vision.  Its purpose is to build on our culture of philanthropy, increase member engagement, reduce the upward pressure on dues and provide financial resources for the continued growth and expansion of our programs. 

As we begin our first ever Annual Fund, we begin to strengthen our financial foundation and provide unrestricted funds will allow our temple to grow.  The Annual Fund benefits our entire community as it allows us to come together to ensure Temple Beth El remains a thriving center of Jewish living and learning, stays current, vibrant and financially healthy. 

A successful Annual Fund will:

  • Support our Religious School 
  • Provide additional educational opportunities across all ages
  • Enhance our worship experience 
  • Expand social justice and volunteerism in our community
  • Strengthen our Early Childhood Center 


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We are a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant community, with many stories to share about our TBE experiences.  These stories bind us together as a congregation, and enable us to envision a prosperous future for our synagogue. 

Temple Beth El, which plays such an important role in our lives today, was built by the generosity of the generations before us.  It is now our turn to help TBE go from strength to strength.  Your support of the Annual Fund helps Temple Beth El achieve its vision and remains a thriving center of Jewish living and learning today and for future generations.

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To view Annual Fund Giving Circle Benefits for 2017/18 as of 11/7/2017, click here. Please note that additional benefits may be added.

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