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Temple Beth El believes Jewish learning is a life-long endeavor that should nurture the whole person—head (knowledge acquisition), hand (doing/action), heart (beliefs and values), and feet (belonging).  Our best learning occurs when we strive to create a Kehilah Kedoshah; a sacred community, where our families feel a sense of belonging.  Our Religious School provides our students from pre-school through twelfth grade with engaging and experiental Jewish learning. A wealth of Jewish traditions, history, Bible, Hebrew, music and holiday celebrations are shared by classmates and their families as they discover the richness and uniqueness of our heritage. It is our goal that all students feel an enthusiastic connection to the Jewish people and this temple as a house of study, of Jewish observance and prayer, and a place to come together as a community.

The goal of Hebrew at Temple Beth El is fluent Siddur reading, an understanding of the key prayers in the Shabbat Morning Service, and a basic knowledge of selections from the Friday Evening Service.  After completing our Hebrew program, our students will be able to go into any synagogue, anywhere in the world, be familiar with the prayers, and feel at home.  Our Hebrew curriculum, beginning in the first grade, is aimed at building Hebrew fluency and skills.  We want to ensure that our children are ready to begin their preparations to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah eight months before their scheduled date.  To learn more about our grade by grade curriculum and our Genesis Teen Program, please visit the Curriculum Section below.

If you have any questions about Religious School, please feel free to contact us at 914-238-5641 or [email protected].

Our Religious School Committee Co-chairs welcome your feedback on our program.  Please feel free to be in touch with Pam Goldfarb ([email protected]) or Robyn Troob ([email protected]). 

For more information on our Junior Youth Programs, feel free to be in touch with our co-chairs Sarah Lieb ([email protected]) or Shauna Levy ([email protected]).

See our bulletin, The Ladder, for monthly Religious School highlights!



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